About Us

"KSN was founded in 1991 with the goal of safely delivering high quality construction projects to clients on time and on budget. Responsible, steady growth throughout its history, KSN is now a full service General Contractor, focusing in the commercial, institutional and industrial space.
Through constant review and refinement of the construction process, from planning to completion, KSN strives to be a leader in delivering the best experience possible for clients."


In today’s construction industry, safety is of the utmost importance. From education of employees, to working closely with partners, KSN strives to ensure the safety all participants in our projects. By not just meeting, but exceeding regulatory requirements, KSN is an industry leader in health and safety. As an experienced industrial contractor held to higher safety criteria, KSN strives to bring these same processes to all projects and partners.


Certificate of Recognition (COR)

As a COR certified contractor, KSN is committed to maintaining the highest standards set out by the Alberta Construction Safety Association. By constantly reviewing and innovating its safety practices, KSN strives to be a leader in the field of construction safety.


ISNetworld (ISN)

Being an experienced industrial contractor, KSN is well versed in the additional requirements set out by our industrial clients. Working in conditions of heightened risk requires the highest safety standards in the industry. By bringing these high standards to all projects, KSN remains a leader in construction, regardless of project type.



As with ISN, ComplyWorks ensures contractors maintain a higher standard of safety for a variety of industries, including industrial. As with many other pre-qualification programs, ComplyWorks ensures KSN has established and maintains the highest standards in construction safety.


In drawing from decades of experience, KSN strives to maintain the highest standard levels possible throughout all aspects of operation. To achieve these goals, KSN set out in development of a quality assurance, quality control system that would eliminate issues that often plague projects. As a result, greater communication between all partners, allowing for quicker identification and mitigation of potential issues, throughout the process. Just as with safety, this pro-active approach enables KSN to minimize risk


In an environmentally conscious world, responsible, sustainable business practices are of the utmost importance, construction included. With various LEED certified projects, KSN has the experience and knowhow to a leader in sustainable building practices.


General Contracting

As a General Contractor, KSN focuses on delivery high quality projects, safely, on time and on budget. With decades of experience, KSN has the capacity and knowledge to execute a variety of project scopes. With a focus on building construction, KSN is a competitive player in the Alberta construction industry.

Design Build Contracting

By working with KSN as a design-build contractor, our clients are able to simplify the construction process, allowing them to work with one contract entity, instead of several contractors and consultants.
In this streamlined approach, all members of the project team are brought together in the design phase, allowing for a more fluid, streamlined project delivery, with the cost certainly everyone strives for. As a result of this early collaboration, construction schedules can be fast-tracked, allowing for construction to begin prior to all design aspects being complete. This can be extremely beneficial should our clients require delivery on a reduced schedule.

Construction Management

When undertaking the role of construction manager, KSN works with clients from the design phase, through to project completion.
This extensive collaboration from the very early stages of the construction process allows for greater communication and understanding of a client’s needs. Acting as construction manager, KSN is able to apply its expertise in cost control, scheduling and overall market trends to deliver your project needs on time and on budget.


Advantages to our Clients

Having a strong relationship with clients are of the utmost importance in any industry, especially construction. To this end, KSN is committed to providing an exceptional experience for all of our clients by identifying and focusing on their individual needs. With decades of project experience…

Advantages to our Subcontractors

The success of any project will be dependent on the collaboration and cooperation of all parties involved. KSN prides itself on not having subcontractors work under, but work with us on our projects. By listening and understanding subcontractor’s concerns throughout any project, KSN strives to create a positive work environment, where all parties can elevate their success together, not at each other’s expense.

Advantages to our Suppliers

With strong financial backing, suppliers can be confident that all payments will be made on time, every time.